We are Wintersky, but who are we?

Wintersky was born from the need to tell engaging stories. Stories about life’s challenges and troubles. Stories that inspire and make people recognize something special in themselves.

Wintersky (originally called Peliposse) turned from an idea into reality in November 2017. After long planning and deliberation, our very own creative director Wille sent an open invitation to all information and communication technology students in Turku University of Applied Sciences. The very first meeting was held after a few weeks and over twenty students showed up.

The idea of a story-driven 3D platformer grew and in January we were ready to start the development. Our first big objective was set in April due to product development course’s demo day.

In our game the player will be experiencing the story through the eyes of a young kid. The core gameplay will include all typical and loved mechanics from the 3D platformer genre spiced up with an engaging story that takes the player through different worlds.

Since January after at least 1000 cups of coffee and at least three times as many hours, our first playable demo was finally ready. The reveal of the game was received remarkably well and shortly after the demo, we had more reasons to celebrate. We’d been accepted to Boost Turku’s Startup Journey 2018.

Now after five weeks of intense work we’ve successfully transitioned our project from Unity game engine to Unreal Engine 4. The team has also had few changes and currently we have ten creative, ambitious and dedicated people working towards another milestone: the first playable part of our actual game.

The next date we are working towards is Startup Journey 2018’s demo day in 16th of August. You are more than welcome to come and test our game and give your input on our progress.

Wintersky‘s first game is a story driven 3D-platformer with emotional impact in mind.

You can find more about us on our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.