Dear diary #1

Follow our journey as we work our way to the release of our first game.

I said hey, what is going on?

Wintersky was founded in November of 2017. Since the beginning our goal has always stayed the same: to develop story-driven games with engaging worlds and unique characters. Shortly after our successful presentation at Boost Turku’s Demo Day last Autumn our team went through several changes and after contemplating different options, we decided to put Proto’s adventures on hold and focus on creating a game more suitable for our team size.

We began developing Proto – Worlds apart with 14 people under our roster, but as the things got more serious and the development process more demanding, we were forced to rethink how we wanted to work in the future. Since all our team members were still in the middle of their studies, we knew that the amount of work required to create Proto – Worlds Apart is not possible and anything less wouldn’t have made justice for the story we had in mind. Changes were bound to happen.

As of now Wintersky currently consists of five members.  Wille will continue as our Creative Director while also adding programming duties on his to-do list. Hanna will be responsible for scheduling of the game while making sure the story stays as engaging and fun as it can be as our lead writer. Sally will be responsible for the look of our future game as a concept artist while Noora is bringing to life our fantastic characters and Hendrik is responsible for the engaging environment. Jarno who did our audio design previously has moved on to new adventures and now works in Punnu Games. (


Our upcoming game, White Lies

Have your mind ever wandered to the place where you are imagining how could you possibly get a way with some wrongdoing? Perhaps you have done something wrong and felt like the universe is making you pay for your choices? In White Lies we put you into a situation, where your choices matter, and one thing is for sure; you can’t ignore certain influential agent in this game. Karma plays a role how your choices turn out to be. 

White Lies is a story-driven 3D point and click game with peculiar art style. A glimpse of said style can be found from our website so be sure to check it out.

White Lies is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 and will be released on PC later this year.

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